Veggie Credits

A separate "Veggie Credits" account to exclusively deal with changes to custom box contents such as extra CSA item purchases or CSA item refunds processed by admin.

If the name "Veggie Credits" doesn't fit your offerings, it can be changed from your Options page. (Home/Settings/Option Settings/Payment Methods)

Refunds for CSA Items will now go by default into the Veggie Credits account, from where they can be used only for payment of replacement box items.  If you prefer CSA Item refunds to go to cash accounts, and therefore be usable for any purchase, we did leave that as an option.

To view a subscriber's "Veggie Credits" account, you can click on the new links on the left menu, or on the new "Veggie Credits" tab in a subscriber's Cash Account page .

You have to have a CC or active bank account on file to order extra veggies unless you have a positive cash account balance. This was requested because some of our farms were reporting that at the end of the season, members with no CC on file got a lot of $$ in extra veggies throughout the season that they never paid for and farmer lost out on that money. So either member has to pay you by check and you deposit that money into the cash account, or member has to put a CC on file. 

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