Rescheduling boxes: what admin can do and what members can do.

Members, if allowed, and admin always, can reschedule single deliveries across week boundaries. This means a member can have multiple boxes on a subscription for a single day or delivery week. On the member's calendar a delivery day with more than one box will be colored a bright green.

As admin, go to the member's upcoming delivery to be rescheduled, and scroll down to the Delivery Schedule section and click open Edit Schedule.  Use the dropdown menu to change delivery location, and/or the pop-up calendar to move boxes to alternate delivery days. Finish with Reschedule button.



You can allow your members to reschedule deliveries themselves, from their member dashboard, by navigating to:Home / Settings / Option Settings, and then checking the Change Single Delivery Drop and/or Date option under Subscriber Settings

To limit the member-allowed box reschedules options to "Only allow reschedules in the same week". Please check that box in Option Settings / Subscriber settings.

Please note that this feature allows for the doubling-up of boxes on future delivery days. In these cases, only one of the boxes will get scheduled add-ons assigned to it.

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