Installment plan adjustments

No can do. An installment plan is a fixed promise and based on the originating order. If a subscription is adjusted: the frequency changed or the size is changed, that will not adjust the installment plan. In all situations, you need to calculate what is the total due v. what has been paid to date.

As the installment billing is ongoing, you have several options.

1. Cancel the installment plan and bill manually. 

2. SIZE CHANGES: Continue billing via the original installment plan amounts and make adjustments to the member cash account: if subscription size is changed to smaller add the 'overpayment' to cash. If the subscription size is changed to larger add the amount 'extra' due and Bill for Cash from the member's cash account.

3. FREQUENCY CHANGES: If subscription changed from weekly to bi-weekly you owe the member. If subscription changed from bi-weekly to weekly, you are owed money.

When a member opts to pay in installments with a credit card ALL THE CREDITS are allocated in advance—at the time of the order. The software does not release 1/3 credits when 1/3 payments received, for example. The assumption is when a member pays with a credit card future billings will process, and that is why it is very important to monitor the Alerts re: Failed and/or Late installment billings (admin home page when you log in).


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