Changing subscription or add-on frequencies.

Some farms allow members to change the frequency of their CSA subscriptions, from weekly to bi-weekly or from bi-weekly to weekly. In addition to farm policy, there are several other factors for consideration. 

1. Some drop sites are bi-weekly only and assigned to specific weeks (Week A or B.) If this applies to your drop site you will not be able to change the frequency nor the week for deliveries. 

2. Some CSA subscriptions are weekly only or bi-weekly only. No changes allowed.

3. Some farms do not allow members to make a change like this without prior notification. They may be managing truck or drop site box quantities that you, as a member, cannot see. First, review your farm's FAQs and Policies pages located on the storefront, and contact your farmer if you still need assistance.

If you are able to make this change, do it on your Member Dashboard / View/Modify Subscription. 



To change the frequency of an add-on, cancel the current add-on subscription and re-order for the frequency you desire.

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